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Digital Art -Interactive walls and floors

Miguel Chevalier is a french artist who decided, in the 1980′s, to explore a new kind of art: Digital art. During this decade, computer science and art weren’t often used to together. Even photoshop and movie maker softwares didn’t exist yet. Art especially included painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, music and cinema…

During this periode, Miguel Chevalier, was fascinated by artists like Monet, on of the most famous Impressionist artist, and it’s famous white waterlily. What impressed the most Miguel Chevalier was the way Monet, through his various cycles, managed to catch the notion of time and light. LIGHT is a point which really interests Miguel Chevalier.


Miguel Chevalier was also fascinated by Mondrian, who created an art of variation, a kind of « Boogie Woogie ». According to him, this « Boogie Woogie » was the prefiguration of the notion of PIXEL However, even if M.Chevalier was fascinated by these two artists, he didn’t want to be a painter: he wanted to express his own sensibility in his own way… in a way that hadn’t been explored a lot before…


Then he decided to create and develop digital works of art. Miguel Chevalier is a complete mix artist in that sense that he paints on photos, he used photographs, video, softwares for animation, and computers to create its own artificial and interactive world. The main themes of his world are NATURE, LIGHT, COLORS and INTERACTIVITY.


Have a look…


Image de prévisualisation YouTube



Image de prévisualisation YouTube



And of course… because art is often sought-after by industry, several companies in several companies have commercialised these concepts:



Image de prévisualisation YouTube

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